Chengdu’s quite a lovely place, and it’s apparently ranked as the best city in China to live in or for people to move to after retirement. There are plenty of huge malls and stylish outdoor cafes set in old streets that I’d love to chill at. You can find panda memorabilia everywhere too since Sichuan is home to the world’s giant panda population :333

replica of an ancient town with plenty of street goodies

porridge for breakfast at kfc

real ancient town near chengdu that has been zhnged by the govt. city folks like coming here during weekends

at the huge research and breeding centre for pandas!

Shooooo cuuuteeee *dies* ONE MORE TIME:

hehehe *cuddle*

I think there’s some innate instinct in everyone to want to run towards a panda and hug its giant cuddly body while gurgling with happiness. So damn cute! I bought a little soft toy to hang from my camera so now it has a companion :)