Hi from Dubai! I spent the past 10 days on a ship that stopped by Phuket (Thailand) and Cochin (India) on the way before disembarking here this morning. The next port of calls are Egypt and the Suez Canal so I hope the other passengers would continue to have a smooth journey ahead. Some of them have actually been onboard since January -.- bananas.

Anyway the rest of my China and subsequent photos are getting dusty but I’ll post them up as soon as possible now that there’s free wireless! (currently sitting in the hotel lobby with my laptop in jammies)

These are from a day in Mount E-Mei, where we climbed treacherous and icy steps for the entire afternoon and had to strap metal spikes onto our soles:

It was pretty spectacular, where the beauty of Mt E-Mei lies in its mountains and Jiu Zhai Gou’s lies in its water. We were up in the clouds so everything was ethereal and mysterious.

China’s seriously so good for photography. Last and final batch from Chengdu coming up next!