Hello hello and a happy fatty new year to everyone! Could not post anything for the past few weeks because my internet is moving at the pace of a maimed and obese cow. I’ve moved back to Singapore for good and said my farewells to life as a student in Australia. In the past 6 years I really have learnt a lot, changed a lot, found loved ones and above all, made many many happy memories.

I’ll remember Sydney for it’s awesome food;

girly high tea sessions;

many visits to the art gallery and botanical gardens;

Friday nights at Ivy;

trips to random and pretty places for lunch;

the city’s stunning harbour;

plenty of birthday celebrations;


memorable moments and fun activities;

and always heaps of gorgeous views.

While going from Year 10 through to postgrad, from age 14 through 20, I’ve made friends and memories that I’d definitely look back with fondness. Thank you Sydney, you’ve been good to me, and you’ll always remain a special city in my heart.

(I wish I had my ex-laptop around to resurrect older photos but it’s hibernating in a hole somewhere.)