So we spent one night in Noumea, followed by two nights in Isle of Pines and then two nights in Noumea again. I hope I get the chance to return and explore other parts of New Caledonia one day, so many incredible things to see.

ghetto anse vata beach

domestic flight to isle of pines

hugh guarding his kampung

While in the Isle of Pines, we had the most epic experience going on the outrigger canoe –> forest trek –> natural pool adventure trip. If you ever happen to go there please just pick the outrigger canoe sans the adventure part, or have a bus take you directly to the natural pool (le naturelle piscine). The resort staff assured us that slippers would be adequate as we would only be stepping in ankle-deep water, what NONSENSE. We were wading through thigh-high levels the moment we got off the canoe!!!

The 45min trek through the forest wasn’t too bad as we just had to follow a path, but then there came a large river that we had to cross but no idea towards which direction as there were no guides provided. So we spent a long while fighting through dense branches, climbing down rock walls, splashing through muddy ditches and asking other equally clueless travellers for directions before finding the magnificent piscine/lagoon (all while lugging snorkeling equipment + towels).

So absurd that it was funny :p can’t believe my parents made it through all that too.

beautiful river with water as clear as glass

incredibly adorable uta-chan!!

back in noumea

day trip to amedee island

hugh (dora) the explorer

I had a wonderful time and was so glad that Hugh and Jude came with us too. Pity I didn’t get to take many nice shots though, my 450d’s lens is abit kuku cannot focus well and my s95 died on the 3rd day.

All photos of me were taken by Hugh :) have a lovely day! <3