Hi!!!!!! I’m done done done with my postgrad life!! Completed the very last of my exams yesterday and I’m officially in the unemployed segment of the population. Whee :)

So after my paper we went to watch Champions Down Under at the Olympic Park. It was my first time watching a live tennis match and we sat right at the front in the second row, super enjoyable. They were all friendly matches by retired big names but their skill and agility even at this age is mind-blowing.


pat cash

napoleon dynamite

wayne ferreira


john mcenroe and mats wilander

infamous mcenroe

nice hair

Pat Cash won against Wayne Ferreira while John McEnroe beat Mats Wilander. The match between the latter two was really exciting! Took videos with the 7D camera + huge 70-200mm lens as well and this morning I woke up with sore arms and shoulders. True story.