I think this might be the best porridge I’ve made thus far. So tasty!!!

Ingredients (for 1)
1/3 cup rice
dried scallops
dried oysters
dried shiitake mushroom
chicken thigh

1. Cut chicken into small bite-sized chunks or slices as you prefer and marinate with some soy sauce, salt, pepper, mirin, corn starch, sugar and sesame oil.

2. Rinse and then soak the dried ingredients in a bowl of water. Reserve the liquid.

3. Wash rice in a small pot, add in the dried ingredients along with the soaking liquid and fill pot to about half full with water.

4. Bring to boil and when the rice grains are cooked, add in the marinated chicken pieces.

5. Continue cooking for at least another 10minutes, or up to your desired porridge consistency (I like my grains more broken).

6. Season porridge with about one teaspoon each of mirin, sake and soy sauce and some white pepper.