My sweet girl friends got me a canon s95 for my birthday, which apparently arrived only yesterday hahaha thank you so much 902 and 4212 girls <3 I shall use it well. My poor old compact camera is so démodé in contrast and has patches of dead pixels on the screen, last used on this trip to the snowies.

Literally stepped straight out for dinner last night after receiving my present so I had no clue about using it properly. I’ve read through a guide today though and can’t wait to take it out again!

We had an incredibly good dinner at Pendolino, with their super yummy hand-made pastas and exquisite desserts. The veal ragu papardelle was amazing and I was swooning at the table with each mouthful of warm chocolate and hazelnut fondant, a.k.a little melting morsels of bliss. Happy fatty sigh.

Post-dinner digestion at Ivy. Awesome Friday night music always.


this is where I'm forwarding excel spreadsheets to groupmates on bb. quite sad.


Someone please help me clean my laptop? Ate grilled corn the other night and my screen got showered with spurts of corn juice. Not pretty.