The 4th of September was my birthday and at 10 in the morning, we went for pasta class! It was a really fun day and I had a great time making (and eating) a whole variety of pastas. It was also my first time in a professional kitchen and the talented chefs from Verde, Antonio and David, taught us really well.

demonstrating how to make fettucine

and now our turn!

cannelloni stuffed with ricotta and baby spinach mixture

ingredients for marinara pasta

antonio the head chef

our turn to try!

although kii's finger hair got singed from the epic flames :p


david making a seafood mousse


tortellini with the mousse filling (boiled and tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper and chives). so good

making ravioli

kii's masterpiece

sussing out trade secrets

we made tagliatelle too

the cannelloni baked in tomato sauce

The class was so hands on and I really learned a lot. Visit the Calabrian cooking classes of Southern Italy link at Antonio’s website to find out more if you’re interested.