best ayam pengyet i’ve ever had from garage cafe and bar

nehneh you should start a collection of coke photos from me :p


dinner at hanabishi. half remarkable

salt-baked barramundi that they break open with a mallet

brunch at animal orchestra


in the national gallery of victoria

the australian centre for contemporary art

The ACCA had just a couple of exhibitions inside but the entire compound was really cool and quirky. There was this lady overseeing an exhibit and all she did was stroll around bouncing a basketball or tennis ball.

mmm yeah i don’t really get it either :p

We had dinner at Tao to celebrate Vick’s birthday and the food was really good!

love love love uni omnomnomnom :D

happy birthday vicky (:

old and the new

this street performer was hilarious, and hilarity multiplied cos hugh got dragged in as well hahahaha

super tasty spicy mussels with grilled seafood and aioli in saffron stew at rockpool bar & grill

ham hamming it up

lunch at hutong

love me some dimsum :3

after-lunch drinks at a kooky little rooftop bar