To be honest, I am quite astonished by the resilience of my crummy old canon ixus digital camera. It simply refuses to die, despite being put through 4 snowboarding trips and abused to no end. Although I did have to brave through frostbitten fingers to sabotage my digital camera with copious amounts of snow and water in the first place.

milo kids are the most adorable little things in the whole of snowy mts

jude and kwan

i want to take home one!!!! :3

We stayed at the River Inn again as it’s the only accommodation in Thredbo that’s right smack next to the ski lifts on Friday Flat. Very convenient. The runs were quite bare and artificial during the first 2 days we were there, but the slushy snow made for really easy and sticky rides down.

with kii

so friggin cute

the chinpilases

so cute. ken, nom and kii

my bro and I

this kid was eating dirty snow. i tried to stop her but she kept eating more, eeee

lunch at the merritts mountain house

super happening live band outside our hotel, love the flintstone suit :)

On our third and last day the whole mountain transformed and everything was covered in heavy snowfall. It was quite incredible, the difference one night can make. Unfortunately the ground froze over under the layer of fresh snow so falling down became more painful times like, twenty. Sitting on the epicly long chairlift rides became alot prettier though, and also more treacherous from the winds :p

the day before


spot the frostbite!

slippery camera + numb fingers + strong winds = not safe

everytime we pass this massive gorge on the swaying chairlift, i recall that snowboarding is pretty suicidal

kii and han

zanne’s coke photo (:

kenny lekviriyakul

my bro looking like a frosted gingerbread man

And some photos from my slightly less crummy 400d.

in the little courtyard outside our room

Even though snowboarding puts my body in so much pain, I still aim to go at least once a year for the rest of my agile life. It’s damn fun lah, had the most awesome time with my friends and can’t wait for my next trip already. Although I’ll definitely be getting a helmet, had a couple of very bad accidents and I hope my cerebral matter is still intact. Hoho.