We arrived back in Sydney at nearly 3am early this morning and my body feels so battered, it’s painful to do anything. The snowboarding trip was too awesome for words though, I took heaps of photos on the slopes and will post them up later :).

I read somewhere that Arras serves very interesting British fine dining fare, so we went to check it out for dinner one night.

the prettiest plate of salad I’ve ever seen

We ordered the degustation menu and it turned out to be the most aesthetically pleasing dinner I’ve experienced. Super effort!

scallops two ways

charcuterie interpretation

peking duck cigar in plum sauce

some kind of rabbit stew

pre-dessert crumble

tribute to rhubarb

petit fours

The food at Arras was really enjoyable, and left a deeper and more memorable impression than even Tetsuya’s. Berowra waters restaurant still remains as my favourite dining experience though (:

smelly beancurd

steamed egg with marinated minced pork

Cooked dinner one night too for Hugh, my bro and a couple of friends.

chinese soup. my mum calls it kantang soup but i don’t add kantang (potatoes)

chicken curry