the Hilton’s glass brasserie

violet panna cotta with blueberry mousse

The desserts here were amazing! Such a nice place for drinks and coffee or tea as well, glad we decided to come here after a fatty patty korean bbq dinner at Madang.

is it wrong if the first thing that comes to mind is “hairy balls”?


prosciutto with rocket

prawn and garlic

smoked salmon and caviar

deliciously monstrous rack of ribs from hurricane’s grill (:

you say tomayto, and i say tomahto. you use a nikon, and i use a canon :3

I can’t believe that we’ll be heading to the Snowy Mountains tomorrow already! So crazy excited, snowboarding is my absolute favouritest sport in the world. A little bummed out that the snow conditions aren’t that great right now though, plus Zanne won’t be able to join us this time round too. But it’s okay we can go snowboard in other parts of the world in future hoho.

Oyasumi <3