Woohoooooo :D the worst of my exams is over and I feel downright emancipated. There’s only one more paper remaining on the 25th and I shall enjoy my weekend before I start studying again. Oyea.

So last night was the match between South Korea and Argentina and the city was flooded with ardent supporters dressed in red. Quite impressive. I brought my camera out and snapped photos of each Korean restaurant I passed by while on the way to supper. Literally every single one was packed with people and had a screen broadcasting the match.

this one is quite hardcore. 5pm to 5am.

yum woon sen at chat thai

dough fritters that are eaten dipped in pandan custard. basically like awesome yao zhar guai with kaya (:

if your restaurant ain't big enough, take over the sidewalk and project the screen on the wall

Such a fun atmosphere. Pity they lost though.