Yesterday was Zanne’s graduation, and it was quite cool to see my closest friend since pretty much the first day of high school in Sydney in her gown (:

It really throws time into perspective man. I can’t believe we’ve already spent 6 years of our lives here and created so many memories in this city. Now I’ve only got another 6 months left before leaving while you’re already moving on to somewhere new (homg London!!), but you’ll always be my beloved best friend from high school. Love you bitch <3

so pretty (:

Pity I had to leave after a short while and before the others arrived, because of a certain toothead (code for asswipe) on the road.

This happened merely like half an hour before and I was so shocked when the van behind rammed right into our car while we were queuing to turn at the traffic lights.

his stupid van that just got somewhat dented

half our rear window

My lower back hurts and I woke up aching in the neck, shoulders and arms. No one was injured though so that’s okay.

family lunch during chinese new year

Afterwards we joined the rest for yumcha at East Ocean. Everyone dressed in Zanne’s favourite colour for the occasion by the way, guessed it by now? :3

Later that night we ended up at Victoria Room to have some drinks and chill. It’s such a pretty, pretty place! They serve lunch, dinner, high tea and drinks and looks like the lounge of atas explorers. Had a really good time :)

Anyway congratulations again on graduating nehneh, I’ll look for you in london and we can go around europe one day!! Snowboarding and taking photos woohoo :D