This is for anyone who would like a quick and simple bowl of porridge.

(Portions for 2 people):

Get any white fish fillet and slice into bite-sized chunks. I always buy Basa fillets from the supermarket, they seem to have the most tender texture.

Mince a small knob of ginger finely and throw it in with soy sauce, pepper, sesame oil and cooking wine (I used mirin). You can always add more soy sauce and pepper to taste after the porridge is done as well.

mix mix mix

Wash one cup of rice in the pot, drain and fill it up roughly to maybe a third’s full with water. Bring to boil uncovered and when the porridge is done (this may take 20mins on med-high fire, make sure there’s always enough water in the pot) stir in the marinated fish chunks.

Wait for the porridge to boil again and then lower to simmer for another 5 minutes or so.

And tadahh ladle out and serve. I would garnish it with some fried minced garlic and coriander but didn’t have any at hand. This is so simple and takes maybe 40mins max from chopping board to the table. If the porridge appears to be too dry while cooking just add in some hot water and stir.