Yesterday was quite eventful. I had lunch at Lowenbrau, played tennis, had a mammoth dinner, went to nette’s grad party and ended the night wonderfully happy at Bamboo with some of my favouritest people.

just hanging.

the schlatplatte. i love saying that with my cool german accent

pork knuckle. my bro was like, why's your leg on the table

so pretty


The Corn Chronicles:

most attractive couple award

And we were just standing around checking out the harbour view, when the most random and awesome flash mob erupted before us.

It only lasted for a few minutes but sooo good, a hilarious dance-off between tranny gaga and scarymaninshinyblueleotard.


Later that night my family and Jude entered a state of severe food coma at Golden Century. My mum ordered a 3kg king crab and it was epic. They cooked the thing three ways and I wanted to cry from being so full, although it was quite yummy :3

beautiful bouquet from jude to my parents

king crab with salt, pepper and garlic

with spring onion and ginger

mmmm noodles cooked with crab roe.

barely touched braised tofu

mr. crab is watching you

My burps smelled like crab for the rest of the night. But I had the best time in ages at Bamboo, not sure why but everyone had so much fun :D Sadly, that might have been my last proper night out since it’s friggin week 9 from tomorrow and I’ll be inundated with deadlines and exams before long. Boo.

Much love to all of my friends, you probably won’t see vchoi much anymore since I’ll be very hard at work studying. <3