(Warning: abysmally blurry photos ahead. blame romantic lighting and not very steady hands)

I had dinner just now at the same restaurant that we went to 2 nights ago, again. It’s officially one of my new favourite places to visit in Sydney and it’s called Verde in Darlinghurst. Shhhh don’t tell too many people.

The restaurant is housed in a cute little corner bungalow and the 14 of us occupied the private dining room upstairs on Friday night. Between everyone we ordered pretty much everything on the menu and every dish was just excellent, honest Italian on a plate.

my barramundi with lentils. so tender and tasty

great company with great food = less depression about uni

I’m so glad that we found this total gem of a place. The friendly chef, Antonio, came out to say bye tonight and we told him he’ll definitely see more of us in future (:

Anyway do go visit Verde soon and eat your way through the entire menu. I hope you’ll like the place as much as we did.


115 Riley St
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
(02) 9380 8877