The past couple of days have been incredibly exhausting but happy. It was Kwan’s birthday on the 25th and my graduation on the 26th, double milestones of our lives!

the best presents come in orange boxes (:

birthday girl

We thought of celebrating the occasion with all our close friends by having a dinner on the 26th, but decided to visit est. on thursday night as well. It’s one of the six 3-chef’s hat restaurants in Sydney and I’ve been wanting to come here for ages.

my entree, parma ham rolled with quail breast and foie gras

i had the roasted pigeon with caramelized figs, much to jude's horror


snapper and seared scallop

the most amazing souffle i've ever tried. passionfruit sorbet on the side was incredible as well

Est has extremely pretty surroundings with fantastic service, but I have to say I expected more of the food from such a highly rated restaurant. Maybe we could sit in just for the desserts next time :)

The next morning I got up early to have my gown put on in time for the 10am graduation ceremony in uni.

graduands in the john clancy auditorium. eee i had an exam in here once before

everyone has to stand when the academic procession enters

the chancellor in his extra gaudy robes. quite a funny old chap

waiting in the queue and hoping i don't trip on stage

shaking the chancellor's hand and receiving my testamur. have to doff my hat and bow as well

and tadahhh officially a graduate!

newly minted grads!

dying in 34 degree weather

I only knew of a few other people who were graduating in the same ceremony as me, but my friends were kind enough to come all the way to unsw to offer congratulations as well. It was such an enjoyable day and I’m really thankful to everyone who was there. And also to my dear brother, for having the unenviable task of following me around all day with a camera and trying to make me look decent in photos.

beaauuuutiful flowers from the girls. thank you <3

my semi entourage

I really had a great time and felt quite loved :D I wish zanne and nom could have been here too, but it’s okay since there are their graduations to attend and hopefully mine again same time next year! (you can come for that one hughlyn tan)

heirloom tomatoes with buffalo mozarella and basil for lunch. it had epicly huge salt flakes

Later on that night we had dinner at a restaurant that impressed us all. I’ll probably post photos from there tomorrow since there are heaps here already. Much love to everyone again and hope you had a happy 21st too Kwan! <3