Last weekend a group of us went to watch Lovely Bones in the centennial parklands’ outdoor cinema. It was quite a cool experience lying under the stars with a whole field of people. Chill (:

it was damn cold at night last week!

photos taken in near darkness

Masses of people had their graduation ceremonies on today so I dropped by uni to say hi and congratulate friends. Why aren’t there more graduands whose surnames begin with C and did finance!

kwan tagging along. unsw > uts

It’s quite sad to see so many people who are done with uni life and possibly never returning to Sydney again. Soon it would be my turn to leave, and I’ll miss my time here terribly.

everyone being broiled in their gowns, poor things!

After an arduous 3 years, happy congratulations and well wishes to everyone (:

We then headed to Yoshii in circular quay for lunch after leaving uni. I’ve heard about it for ages but didn’t visit till now, pretty good lunch menus.

tempura and sashimi entree

I had the sushi set and Kwan got the wagyu, both were $45.

okinawan dried fruit with champagne sorbet. looked like poo but was very yummy

Popped by the museum of Sydney for awhile before heading home.

I think there’s alot on my plate right now and the pressure just keeps mounting day by day. まじで勉強しなければならないだね。プレッシャーが日増しに高まってきているようだ。 なのに、私は今、自分の期待と責任を果たしたいだ。怠け者に成りたくない!