I still want to bring Old Chang Kee over to Sydney, but firstly a master franchisee is needed in this country.

I’m afraid I don’t have the capital to do that though. Someone please bear that role and I’ll just open a couple of franchises or so.

Really, we’d totally profit here!!! There aren’t any similar stands like OCK that I can think of in the city, or anywhere else for that matter. I think its attraction lies mainly in the level of accessibility and convenience the franchise offers, plus the food is deep fried morsels of cheap satisfaction.

Given the dearth of such standalone street snack stalls here, what’s not to like?

If I opened the franchise in the city and in my (extremely international) university business would be booming lah. Of course, OCK has only been brought over to Asian countries before so I’m not sure if the formula and recipes would turn out well here. The dude seemed willing to consider Australia though and I’d be keen to get involved too.

Okay this is quite random. I apologise, and shall return to studying.

13 hours to go!!

Update: Reading this post in retrospect, I think I was pretty much half-delusional from fatigue while typing this.

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