Went traipsing around oxford street with Kwan the other day.





















And just came back from supper after a whole night spent at Defqon, the massive rave held on a small island near the Blue Mountains.

Turned out to be awesome!!! Held no expectations for it since techno and trance isn’t my thing, but the whole atmosphere and mad music really made up for a great time :)

There were like 5 tents of different styles of music and 15 000 people going crazy at the same time. Very fun. The whole event was surprisingly very efficiently done and clean too, no drugs no fights that we could see (just 1 dude who od-ed next to us on the grass and another pair who got into a brief scuffle before the security came).

Took some photos with my lca+ so will post them up once they get developed. Will definitely go again next year if I’m still around in Sydney.